Pool Construction Part 6

Today is Wednesday…the concrete for all the walks and patios gets poured on Friday. Then the landscaping needs finishing (bar included), the pool needs to be plastered, diving board installed, pump connected, etc.  Only then we can fill it up.  So there is still a lot to be done (we’re in the 5th month now).  I think we’ll be swimming by Memorial Day.

Here are pictures from last evening. Where there is a metal grating on the ground, patio will be poured. Where there is dirt, it will be landscaping.

Hot tub / Pool. The table and chairs are on the tanning ledge. Why? I have no idea.

The patio walk from the driveway (on the left) and a landscaping bed (on the right).

Of course Hudson found a can of chewing tobacco left behind by the construction guys.

Outdoor kitchen / bar area and the patio to the basement door.

Stairs down to the fire pit.  The circle shows the position.

H on the stairs. The stone is so pretty.

Hudson looking in the fish pond. Have I mentioned I didn’t want a fish pond?

The family. 

Mike has strep throat that he got from Link. He’s grumpy.

(Oh these boys are so cute)


Pool Construction Part 5

To the untrained eye (like mine) it doesn’t look like much has happened here in the last few weeks. But Mike assures me that it has!

The walls are all built. Next up: stamped concrete decking, pergola, outdoor kitchen. I am told that there will be ‘lots of progress’ next week. Which hopefully means this 3 month – turned 5 month project will be done in time for summer.  Here are the progress pictures from this morning:

Steps leading from the pool to the fire pit area.  Mike did a beautiful job choosing the stone. The pictures do not do the colors justice.

The right side is where the outdoor kitchen will be:

The fish pond. I didn’t want one. I lost the battle:

Views from the 3rd floor deck:

Diving board and outdoor kitchen on the right side here:

Concrete is in

It’s much easier now to envision how the pool will look.

This is the deep end. The jumping board will be mounted on the right side. There are two deep end benches – one along the back wall (top of the photo) and one to the side of the jumping board (bottom right corner of the photo).

This side of the pool is the hot tub (upper left circle) and the tanning ledge (left side), which ironically has a sleeve for a huge umbrella.

The center section here will be stamped concrete decking in the foreground and a stone fire pit in the back. The left side is more stonework and plantings.

Here’s a good view of the whole pool.

Next up: Stone coping and stacked stone retaining walls.

What we woke up to….

Just after sunrise this morning, the trucks arrived. Our apologies to the neighbors, especially Anya (an obstetrician who worked a 24-hour on-call the day before).

Pretty neat to see how a concrete pool is formed. They just spray the concrete in.

Pool Construction…Part 3

The pool is taking shape and the concrete is being poured tomorrow!

This photo shows the hot tub (left), pool, tanning ledge and the location of the outdoor bar, grill and shower.

This is where the patio and the fire pit will be.

Pool Construction…Part 2

The pool is moving along pretty well.  The backyard is nothing but mud, but I think we’ll forget all of that come spring time when we are splashing and cocktail-ing poolside..  And I finally convinced Mike to add an outdoor bar and a shower (it didn’t take much convincing).  We are already planning the big pool opening party with our friends.  

Hudson’s and Daddy’s muddy boots.