Pool Construction…Part 2

The pool is moving along pretty well.  The backyard is nothing but mud, but I think we’ll forget all of that come spring time when we are splashing and cocktail-ing poolside..  And I finally convinced Mike to add an outdoor bar and a shower (it didn’t take much convincing).  We are already planning the big pool opening party with our friends.  

Hudson’s and Daddy’s muddy boots.


Spring Races

Well the Holidays are over, we’re both back in the swing of things at work and daycare and I’m avoiding the gym to miss all the January ‘Resolutionists’ joiners.  Instead I’m focused on outside running because the winters in North Carolina are perfect for long, sweaty runs.    I’ve signed up for two races so far:

The Krispy Kreme Challenge is next month. If you haven’t experienced this, check out this YouTube video. The good stuff starts at 1:50:  ESPN covers the Krispy Kreme Challenge

I’m also going to run the Tobacco Road half marathon. I’d love to run a full marathon this year but with two kiddies under 3 years old + a full time job + a husband who travels….it’s hard to find the training time.  Maybe, maybe……

Lincoln moved up to the Toddler room this week so I guess I don’t have a baby anymore.  I have tons and tons of pictures over the last few weeks but I’ll just post a few.

Visiting Santa:

Fun with Friends on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning:



(a healthy, cancer-free Maximilian was one the best gifts I could have gotten)