The tree – decorated

Hudson helped to put on the ornaments.

We had a great dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Saturday.


Christmas Tree 2010 Continued

Getting the tree in and up was quite the ordeal.  It was fun to watch!  The men had to take the tree around the front and through the double door.  Mike had to make alterations to the tree stand by screwing it down to a 4 x 4 piece of wood to make a platform.

Christmas Tree 2010

We got our Christmas tree today!   We went to the tree lot and I asked, ‘Excuse me sir, where’s the tallest tree you have?’  They said, ‘Over there ma’me, it’s 14 feet.’  Mike said, ‘………….errrrrrrr’.  I said, ‘Perfect! We’ll take it!’

I am so excited to have a 14 foot tree + star on the top in my living room!   More pictures to come as we (ok, Mike….) gets it put up!

And it snowed in Raleigh today – one time of usually only 2-3 times each winter.  Could it get much more Norman Rockwell? 

And then there was this cutie when we got home.

So very rarely –  in fact, almost never – does life deal you a near perfect day. But today was as close to perfect as I think we could get.   I have a big pot of chili on the stove, brownies in the oven, and Mike’s parents on the way over for dinner and tree decorating.  Life is good. 🙂

Pool Construction…Part 1

Nothing too exciting on the pool construction yet…but it’s moving forward nonetheless.

The design is complete (thanks to MB) but the pool dude is coming on the weekend to review the final plans.

Over the last two weeks we’ve had trees taken down – probably about 15 – and this week we had the septic tank moved.  Here are some pics of that. Needless to say, Hudson was VERY excited to see this thing roll into his yard on Monday morning.

Old tank gone. New tank moved and installed.