Funny Halloween Video

I love how all the kiddies are posing for pictures in this video.

Then another child claims to be Buzz Lightyear (he’s actually dressed as a baseball player) and Hudson indignantly corrects him, ‘No! I’m Buzz Lightyear!’.  Hudson then looks at me (behind the camera) like, ‘Right Mom? I am Buzz Lightyear……right?’. 

Vickie (my best friend who lives in NYC) was telling me that in the city the kids trick or treat in the shops.  She was shopping on Halloween evening and one little boy was in the store dressed as Buzz.  Then a second boy comes in, also dressed as Buzz. She said it was priceless watching them process this like, ‘How can there be more than one Buzz?’.  * blink*  *blink * blink *

Anyway, here’s the video from school:


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