Wordless Wednesday

(well almost wordless)

Lincoln had his 5 month check up today. He’s a giant – 70 percentile in weight and 90 percentile in height. Look at my baby grow.  🙂


Sleeping Beauty

I was downloading pictures from my camera and what to my wondering eyes did appear….. these cute pictures of a snoozing Hudson that I obviously didn’t take.

It’s so hilarious how he sleeps with his hands tucked under his b-hind.

I also found these pictures that Mike must have snapped of me and H playing on his play set.  The weather had just finished one of its infamous North Carolina summer thunderstorms and we went outside to swing on wet swings and slide down a soggy slide.

I’m not sure if the camera lens was fogging over from the humidity or if mist was in the air, but there are so few pictures of me playing with H, I will cherish these ones despite them being not so great.

H was peeking around the post saying, ‘I seeee youuuuuuuu!’

Oh I love him so.

Toy Story

Toy Story is the latest big thing with Hudson. He has the movie on replay and wants to watch it (at least once) every single day.

He and Mike were watching it together the other day when I caught them with my camera.

I love this little face

I know, I know, I’m his mama and I’m supposed to think he’s beautiful, but I think he’s really, really beautiful.


And there is my little ham, finally feeling better after 4 days.  Last week I tried to get Hudson to eat some broccoli.  He told me, ‘I no eat boc-wee, mama.  It’s SUPER yucky!’ he he he

Here he is, putting Elmo in time out for biting his baby brudder.

Who knew that when you go to timeout you get a blanket before being attacked by antelopes?   Hudson knew.

‘Not nice Elmo!’