Lincoln is 4 months old today!

And he can sit up, with assistance.  We love you LW!


First Bath Together

Ever since we decided to have a second baby I’d dreamed about how cute they would be in the bathtub together.  Lincoln is too small to ‘play’ but soon they will be splashing and playing with submarines and scuba divers.

After I took Link out of the tub Mike quietly watched Hudson play. His imagination is really developing these days.  Cute!

Mother’s Day 2010

Here are a few of my favorite pics from Mother’s Day morning.  Hudson found a treat in the pantry that the Easter Bunny had brought for him, then decided that he had already eaten WAY too much chocolate on Easter weekend. 

This morning

How cute was Hudson this morning?

Letting Max in.

Then Timber, and letting a cat out.

My mother mentioned that photos with the pacifier are getting fewer and less frequent. And in the photo of him asleep on the couch he’s got it in his hand, not in his mouth.  He is willing to leave it in his bed most mornings, even if he does run back into his room after a few minutes to retrieve it.  I’m not going to stress over the giving up of ‘Bubby’.  I’m really not ready for him to grow up that much yet.

A vignette, by NB

This is how this morning went down.

I was hanging out with Lincoln. He has gotten very chatty.

I went to get dressed for work and found Hudson standing on my vanity chair. We’re very focused on safety.

Hudson wanted to see his Baby Brudder so we went into LW’s room. I took his paci from him because our dirty little secret (still using a paci at 27 months) doesn’t need to be documented on video. Significant whining ensued.

Then encroaching on his Baby Brudder in his crib, plus more whining.

The end.