Random but Recent Pictures

Hanging out on a Saturday morning.

Running around the yard before bed, getting the last of the wiggles out.


Mother’s Day

Last year for Mother’s Day I wanted to get a ‘mother’s necklace’ (cheesy term) but since we were planning to have a second child, we thought it was best to wait. 

This year I am getting one for sure.  The one I love the most is from Jeanine Payer. I have one other piece of jewelry of hers and my New York bestie, Vickie has a few pieces too.  I love her stuff – it’s so simple and beautiful.

Here is her site:  Jeanine Payer

And the design I chose (Verdi 2):

There are several beautiful photo pieces on her site, but this one is so pretty.  I like both available poetry options, so I asked Mike to choose.

For the boys’ pictures I think I will go with this one of Hudson since it captures that smile and he’s still pretty young in it.

Or maybe this one because he’s a little younger.   I have so, so many pictures of H, it’s hard to choose.
Maybe I should use one that shows his typical antics?

It must be tough being this cute.
For Link, I will most certainly use this one.  WOW this kid has awesome eyes.

Easter Weekend

The boys received a gift this weekend – a really great play structure.

Here it is, being assembled.

While that was going on, Mike and H played in the creek.

Then H opened a package sent from his Granny.

Then it was play time!

Lincoln tried his best to participate.

Christmas in April

LW looks less than pleased to have this Santa impersonator looming over him.

More antics….

Seeing a trend yet with the glasses and hats?

Here is LW with Katerina, the little girl who lives next door.  She is 11 days older than Link, and about 58 pounds smaller.