What happens at Grandma’s..

…stays at Grandma’s. 


Do they look alike?

When Link was first born I was convinced that he looked very, very different than Hudson. Now I’m not so sure…. 

These photos were both taken around 6 weeks old.



What do you think?

And we’re getting baby smiles now. Yay!

He’s growing up

We’re not sleeping much these days but Hudson is making that a little better by wanting to ‘snuggle’ in bed. He has also started to say ‘I love you’. It’s great!

Here is H scoring some Girl Scout cookies from the pantry (for breakfast no less).

And eating them in front of the TV.

Link and H

Link has the best pout.  I didn’t get it full-on, but it’s close.

The pout quickly leads to this:


H has been a little funny about ‘his’ old baby stuff (‘mine! mine!’).  Here is the bouncey seat collapsing under his 30lbs.