Life’s Simple Pleasures

No matter how old we get, don’t we all still love to lick the beaters?


First Ice Cream Cone

Hudson was so sweet this weekend it makes me sad to go back to work tomorrow. He’s turning into such a wonderful little boy. I love to watch him play and use his imagination when he doesn’t know I am watching. This weekend he started saying ‘bubble’. Bub-bllle. I’m not sure why this word was chosen to be his next, but it’s as good as any I guess. He has also added ‘Mama’ to his long-favorite word, ‘Daa-deeee!’. This evening he and Mike were downstairs in the kitchen while I was upstairs straightening up his bedroom. I heard, ‘Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama!’ so I came to the hallway and looked over and asked, ‘Hi baby, what do you need?’. He signed the sign language term for ‘eat’. So down I went to get him something to eat (funny that he screamed for me when Daa-deeee was standing next to him??). This communication phase might be my favorite so far. Mike was like, ‘Wow, that was cool’.

It has been tremendously hot – time to break out the ice cream cones. This was H’s first and I think the pictures tell the story about how much he loved it. And just when I think he can’t get any cuter.

Final Photo Shoot

The last of 4 shoots has been published by Bianca of A Moment Like This Photography. We’ve already gotten some prints and a few 20 x 20 canvases but now we have to select 45 photos from the 4 sessions and we will get a coffee table book made. I am so pleased that we decided to do this.

The first shoot:



Dangerous Menace

Hudson’s new favorite thing: running me down with his shopping cart. Ouchie. He would do it all day long if my ankles would allow it. Notice there are no dogs to be found. They all scattered like fleas when this behavior began.