Canes Game and Wagon Fun

Mike and I went to Game 6 of Hurricanes v. Devils. We won 4-0! Tonight it’s on to Game 7 where hopefully we will advance to Round 2.

At the Ledge Lounge during the first intermission.

The weather has been beautiful and Hudson has been loving his new wagon.


His latest fascination – airplanes!

A Day Off With Hudson

I took the day off the Thursday before Good Friday. Mike was working that day (traveling actually) so it was just the two of us. I almost never get to spend hours at a time with Hudson all to myself, so it was a special day.

We went to Marbles Children’s Museum and played like mad fools.


An All Points Bulletin has been issued for: Zoe Lola.
The suspect was last seen wearing jeans and a long sleeve white t-shirt. She has numerous aliases, among them ‘ZoZo’ and ‘Peanut’.
Please contact your local Crime Stoppers if you see this menace. Information leading to her arrest may result in an award.
Please use caution, as she is considered armed and dangerous. Do not be fooled by her sweet demeanor! She has also been known to bite.

A Boy and His Ducks

Ever since Granny gave him the flashing ducks for the bathtub, H has been interested in ducks. He can even (mostly) say ‘duck’.

We were out for dinner last weekend and H was bored. I found a duck in my bag and we were off to the races.

First I played with my duck.

Then I thought Duck might want to go for a swim – in Daddy’s margarita!


Hey! No looking!

Accident Report

We get an accident/injury report from daycare about every other week. Usually it’s something about H running on the playground and falling, or climbing on something and crashing. Today’s incident was humorous.

The text is likely too small to read here, but the Description of the Accident says:

‘Hudson was sitting in the car (a playground car) and a friend wanted to get in the car but Hudson did not want to move. So the friend scratched Hudson on the face.’

So it’s not cool that someone scratched H, but imagining the scene makes me laugh pretty hard. And Mike is on the hunt to ferret out the guilty ‘friend’.

Future Fireman?

We went to eat at a local pizza joint (that I love and Mike only tolerates to appease me) and what was in the parking lot? A fire truck! The firemen were headed into the same place and saw us looking at the truck. They came over and gave Hudson the royal treatment.

Hudson got a ‘Junior Firefighter’ badge.

Worthy of note: We passed Hurricane’s captain Rod Brind’Amour coming out of that same pizza joint as we were going in, so it can’t be THAT bad.