Christmas Morning

His favorite toy is still the kleenex box.


Me and My Elmo

Hudson’s Great-Nana gave him Elmo Live back in October. Lately he’s been pretty into it.

Elmo tells some pretty good stories.

Packages from Granny and Pops

Hudson received two packages today! One from his Granny and one from his Pops (both in Nova Scotia). He started to open the one from Granny, but we decided that he should wait until Christmas (especially since we are mostly skipping presents this year and there is nothing under the tree).

Instead of playing with the contents of the boxes, he climbed over them instead.

Lately I have seen a lot of Hudson in this position. ‘Pick me up mommy!’

Photoshoot Take 3

Bianca from A Moment Like This Photography came by on Sunday for our third of four shoots to document Hudson’s first year of life. As usual, she and Mike cooked up some crazy scenes.

Using a piece of white felt that Mike found in the attic they tried to rig up some ‘snow’ to put under the antique sled that Bianca had rented from an antique shop (H would later throw up on the sled, sorry!).

Since I very much doubted the snow would be believable, I am curious to see how these shots turn out…..

Here they are testing their concept.

We started inside with the sled and the tree.

Next H climbed the stairs. We didn’t plan this scene, but he started to climb and Bianca started to shoot.
We tried the ‘snow’ and a hat.

He really hates hats.

We had some tears.

Melting, melting…..

OK, I’ve had enough.