Getting ready for a beach trip…with an infant.

On Saturday we leave for our (mostly) annual trip to Ocracoke with Penny and Anthony. I am already a list-maker but having an infant to pack for in addition to all the rest of our crap takes it to a whole new level.

Those of you who know Mike will be amazed at this next tidbit: he was also making a list last night! In our 8 years together he has never (never!) actually spent much time planning for anything. He does all of his Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. He booked our honeymoon a week before the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, his results are great, but it’s always a last-minute scramble.
So last night, there he was, making his own list. He even grouped everything into little categories:
  • Things to take for Hudson
  • Things to do before we leave (organized by day)
  • Things we still need to buy for the trip
  • Things to take up to the parents before we go
  • etc
  • etc
Well I’ll be darned!
So this evening and Friday evening will be spent feverishly packing up all the things that four adults, one infant and one tiny dog will need for a week at the beach.
In other news, it is always fun to gather the packages that arrive at the house from the places that either don’t ship to Canada, or can’t get to Canada in time for Penny’s arrival in North Carolina. Yesterday was a typical scene outside the front door.
One package from Neimans, one from JCrew, one from Revolve. So far eight packages have arrived. Penny is going to need a bigger suitcase to get all this home to Edmonton.
Can’t make a post without a picture of our Boo. Hudson gets cuter every day. This picture is from this morning before he left with Mike to go to daycare. He’s hoping Zoe likes his new outfit.

Is the romance cooling off already?

Not much time to post today, but I wanted to get this picture up. Mike took it this morning when he dropped Hudson off. As you can see, he is clearly still infatuated with Zoe, but she has either cooled on him, or she’s playing hard to get.

Note that she is making him keep his distance with her foot.

Only time will tell how and if this romance blossoms.

(Sorry for the poor photo quality, Mike took it with his CrapBerry. Clearly an inferior device to the iPhone.)

We are in so much trouble already…

Hudson has developed a crush at daycare. Her name is Zoe. She is the daugter of our good friends, Karen and Jonathan. It appears as though Zoe has also developed the same level of infatuation with Hudson. The teachers tell us that they stare at each other, play together all day, Hudson has even tried to kiss Zoe. And the teachers have photographic evidence.

I am not sure WHEN Hudson found the time and the transportation to get this t-shirt to profess his love for Zoe, but this is what I found when I picked him up from school today.

Karen and I just don’t know what to do! We are afraid that they will soon run off together.
On a closing note, you may notice a new color scheme. Mike told me I had to change the colors from pink, because H is a BOY.

It’s Friday!!

Last night Mike got home from a trip to Toronto and NYC. Hudson and I hung out and I tried to keep him wake for a bit so Mike could see him. This is what we did:

We went outside to play in the grass (until the mosquitos attacked us). H is *so close* to crawling. He just can’t seem to figure out the mechanics behind locomotion.

When Mike got home and we had some fun in the tub. Thanks to Granny for getting me these cool, flashing ducks.

He has figured out ‘splashing’. The floor got more than a little wet.

What a handsome boy. Look at those eyes.

Whatchu talkin’bout Willis??


This went on and on last night. We have a chatterbox on our hands.

He is really into his toys these days. This one is from Grandma and Grandpa B.

And this lion is from Aunt Deborah. He loves his lions, probably because they look like his cats but can’t run away.